SDG 8: Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all
Volunteering Projects
Dutch Dream Foundation (Inspire & Coach multicultural young people)
Our Goal
Cultural segregation expanding and launching new project initiatives Educational responsibility.
The Dutch Dream Foundation (DDF) stimulates entrepreneurship among young people with a non-western background. Various studies show that bicultural young people are still disadvantaged and struggle to recruit their position on the labor market. The Dutch Dream Foundation believes that these young people are the next generation leaders and that our society desperately needs these young people to grow and to reduce segregation in our society. Our founders acknowledge these.
Our Mission
With our Dream On Talent project we want to reduce this gap and connect the worlds that normally do not meet, namely bicultural young people with top managers and their company Educational Responsibility has been a core value since Azerion’s founding In 2019 we launched the Dream on Talent Project with major Educational partners like Albeda College in Rotterdam and Metis Montessorischool in Amsterdam. Over a 1000 young ambitious students with a bicultural background are reached with inspiring & interactive workshops and meetings. Furthermore, we guided and coached promising entrepreneurs in realizing their dream with our DutchDutch Dream Coaching program Ambition 2020; Expanding our Educational partners and launching new project initiatives, our goal is to reach over 5000 students.